Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wish List

Top Ten Things The Inky Jukebox Would Like To See 
(And Hear) In 2013
In No Particular Order

Gary LeVox duets with Grace Potter.
We don’t care what they sing. Just that they have a fierce and dazzling vocal battle in which everyone is a winner.

Justin Moore headlines his own tour and sings “Outlaws Like Me.”
Hey — he’s bringing out a new album; he needs to tour that baby. And with two hours or so to fill, he’d have time to sing all our favorites.

Eric Chuch sings “Springsteen,” and Bruce actually joins him on stage for it.
C’mon: surely his people and his people can make it happen. How hard can it be? The cheering alone would seriously deafen people. Happily.

Brantley Gilbert plays at The Inky Jukebox’s wedding.
Look: If he’ll agree to it, a wedding can be arranged.

Kenny Chesney busts out all The Inky Jukebox’s favorite Kenny Chesney songs at his show.
Wait; he’ll do that already. Never mind.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill film their Vegas show so we can all see it.
Sure, it’ll be staged within an inch of its life, but wouldn’t you want to go? They have to sing “Jackson,” though.

Ashton Shepherd releases her own record and sells a bazillion copies; is offered new record contract.
Ashton Shepherd was hit with horrible timing: her second record was over-produced, and she was too busy makin’ babies to tour it. She’s too big a talent to be entertaining her loyal fans with her homey facebook posts about domestic life.

Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton actually come to Pittsburgh.
They were scheduled to perform last year, and never showed up. It’s been a LONG time, fellas. Stop on by, whydon’tcha?

Blonde Ambition Competition Show.
It would feature all the blondes who have appeared on TV singing competitions: Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Kellie Pickler. They would be supported by all the guys: Philip Philips, Casey James, Scotty McCreery, etc.

Jennifer Nettles sings with Kimberly Schlapman and Charles Kelley.
The official video features them recording the track live in the studio with plenty of practice and warm-up out-takes. Sing the phone book; whatev.

#11: Brooks and Dunn decide to get back together.

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