Friday, April 8, 2011

American Idol Week 5 Result!

Cry, Cry Baby: Pia’s Exit

Is The Inky Jukebox the only sentient being NOT wringing its hands and gnashing its teeth in lament that Pia got sent home? The only surprise of the evening was that her name was called instead of Stefano’s.

So here’s a little reality check.

Sure, Pia could sing; that is, she could hit the right notes and remember the lyrics and whatnot. And sure, she didn’t hurt to look at; she looked the part of what you imagine an American Idol would be.

But Pia was also as dull as mud, could only do one kind of song, showed no imagination or musical creativity, and was insecure; she kept promising the folks at home that next week she’d try harder, do better, show more emotion, break out of the mold, surprise us…and never did.

I suspect that people are shocked she was voted off because of who remains: she went before Haley? Stefano? Paul? This is a popularity contest, NOT a singing contest. And Pia was the sort of girl other girls hate.

The Inky Jukebox does wonder what Casey feels about all of this, however. Clearly the judges would have saved Pia and he must feel like he robbed her of that chance. His stress must be through the roof right now.

The Inky Jukebox likes it when there is a surprise exit on American Idol; it reminds folks that they have to vote to retain their favorites, and heightens the possibility Ryan’s fake-outs.

Will Pia have a future in music after this? The odds are against it. Those contestants who have gone on to remain in the business have done so mainly in two ways: 1) become a country singer; and 2) do Broadway.

Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Bo Bice, Danny Gokey, Bucky Covington, (and to a lesser extent) Josh Gracin, Kristy Lee Cook, and Phil Stacey have all done well in country. Chris Sligh has done very well as a writer for country stars. Kelly Clarkson’s most recent number one hit was singing on a country song.

Clay Aiken, Fantasia, Frenchie, Justin Guarini, Tamyra Gray, Constantine Maroulis, and others have all done well on Broadway.

Chris Daughtry is an exception, but then, he fronts a band. Adam Lambert has cornered the Glamazon market. 

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