Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pistol Annies: Hell on Heels

A Trio of Trouble

Holy Smokes, y’all — there’s a new sheriff in town and her name’s Annie. Actually, there’s three of ‘em and they’re all named Annie and if you so much as look at ‘em wrong they’s gonna shoot you dead right there on the spot and take your car, your credit cards, your boots and your dog and take a joyride out of town to some Hollywood spa for facials and maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop along the way to pick up a tall, good-looking hitchhiker holding that geetar and play him a tune, I mean play him for a song, I mean play with him until he begs for mercy. Then they’ll push him out the door and head to the bar for whiskey shooters where they will accept your challenge to a karaoke duel but when it’s their turn they will yank that cord right out the wall and sing you one of their numbers instead and yes, they take tips Gawdammit you better fill that upturned hat on the stage and no, you may not go home to your wife and kids until they have finished singing to you and yes, you will like it, you will like it very much indeed.

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  1. thanks for sharing! their music is incredible :) love this Pistol Annies contest.. you get to listen to the new songs and you could win a chance to meet them


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