Thursday, July 7, 2011

There Ain't Nothing Montgomery Gentry Doesn't Like About Brooks & Dunn

You Can Never Go Home Again. Oh Wait; Yes You Can

I know we are all saddened by the void left by the retirement of Brooks and Dunn, but that’s no excuse to try to resurrect them by recycling their songs in the guise of your own.

I’m talking to you, Montgomery Gentry.
A preview of their new single “Where I Come From” was released today, and if you’re anything like The Inky Jukebox, you will immediately recognize it. It’s Brooks and Dunn’s “Ain’t Nothing ‘Bout You” but with different lyrics.

Much as we love Montgomery Gentry, The Inky Jukebox agrees with the Taste of Country reviewer: they’ve already said and done this. Writing homage’s to one’s hometown, or small town life in general has always been a thematic staple in country music, but surely there must be a new way to do it?

Here’s why you love your hometown, a country song primer:

  • It’s off the beaten path
  • The churches are full
  • Everybody knows your name
  • Folks are polite and have traditional values
  • Friends are old and true
  • The coffeeshop / barbershop / diner is the social hub
  • They take their football / fishing / truck driving seriously
  • Your ma and pa live there still
  • There’s a Tastee Freeze
  • It’s where you had your first kiss / crash / fight
  • There is mud

Here are some hometown songs you might know. They are all excellent in their own right and don’t need to be imitated.

Montgomery Gentry “My Town

Kenny Chesney “That’s Where I Grew Up

Justin Moore “Small Town USA

Brooks and Dunn “Red Dirt Road

Josh Thompson “Way Out Here

Little Big Town “Boondocks

Miranda Lambert “Famous in a Small Town

Rascal Flatts “Mayberry

Sugarland “Everyday America

Zac Brown Band “Chicken Fried

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