Friday, July 5, 2013

Bros Before Hos, Y'all

If you took Tyler Farr’s songs as representations of his real life, then boy, Dude sucks at keeping a woman. Fortunately, he has a gang of burly, beardy bros to help him get over those wounds. In his video for “Redneck Crazy,” he demonstrates, through a careful visual narrative, what a girl can expect to have happen to her if she tragically decides to swap a country boy for a hipster loser. As Farr puts it, “he can’t amount to much / by the look of that little truck.” I wonder what he means by that?

First of all, this girl doesn’t know a good thing when she sees it because Tyler Farr is a man who rhymes “Hank” with “drink.” He also has a really cool clubhouse for the boys complete with a table, a lamp, and the taxidermied heads of a number of antlered animals he’s presumably killed. The best part about his hangout is that his buddies are all there — and his buddies consist of Willie from Duck Dynasty, sexy Lee Brice, and Colt Ford. Note that Farr's crew all have exemplary facial hair, while the hipster is clean-shaven. They’re all wearing camo and plot to sneak up on the cheating hussy to exact Tyler Farr’s revenge on her. The hipster “won’t be getting any / sleep tonight.” Emphasis on “any.”

They confusingly do this by gearing up in their camo waders and tramp through a swamp. Then they switch to much more sensible ATVs and golf carts. Sure ‘nuff, she’s getting all tucked in to her cozy camo-bed with the hipster loser when they pull up, rig up some wires, send Colt Ford out to ring her buzzer, then turn on all their headlights. This mildly annoys her. The men also TP her house in epic fashion. Because nothing says “you bitch” quite like toilet paper.

The thing that is most inexplicable about this entire scenario isn’t that these rednecks respond in a predictable fashion when one of them gets cheated on. It’s that the lady in question wasn’t with Lee Brice in the first place. Girlfriend, WTF?

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