Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lee Brice: Hard Not To Love

Old-School Sexy

The other day, The Inky Jukebox was asked who the sexiest man in country music is. As you can imagine, such a serious question required a great deal of thought. Justin Moore? Absolutely. But how about someone … taller? More beardy? Somewhat burlier? The Inky Jukebox’s mental rolodex was flipping pretty hard before the obvious answer came on the radio.

Lee Brice.

Huh? Oh yes, my friends. He’s your standard slab of 6’ 3” beefcake who wears jeans, an open shirt and Aviators. He’s also that guy whose second album, Hard 2 Love, has been on a regular rotation in The Inky Jukebox’s car. It’s a record with no bad track. 

In fact, several of them are solid keepers, including the excellent “I Drive Your Truck,” “Hard To Love,” and “See About A Girl.”

Brice knows how to write a song though, and has a proven track record of hits for others.

Mr. Brice getting sweaty in Pittsburgh recently
He puts on a good live show, full of energy with a party atmosphere. The Inky Jukebox enjoyed seeing him opening for Brad Paisley recently.

But we have a bone to pick with Mr. Brice, truth be told. Dude: you’re a serious songwriter whose career has taken off. Why, in God’s name, are you using the numeral “2” in the title of your album? The word is “to.” Using numerals instead of words is not only twenty years out of cool, but makes you look like you’re writing for tween girls. Tween girls are not your fanbase: 30 and 40-something grown-ass women are. Tween girls find nothing sexy about beardy, burly guys like yourself.

And that’s how it should be.

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