Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cover Me

"Why then, / What needest thou have more covering than a man?"

So asks John Donne in his quest to get into a lady's panties in Elegy XIX. It's a double entendre: by "covering" he not only means covered as in he will act as her blanket once she is naked (by adopting the missionary position), but he also alludes to a far more scandalous and bestial meaning for the word "cover."  In animal husbandry, to cover one animal with another is to mate them; hence, a ram covers a ewe. In modern farming, each ram in a field has a different color crayon strapped to his belly, so that the farmer may know which ewe has been covered by which ram by what shows up on her back. Some ewes are real sluts and look like a child's coloring book in no time flat.

None of this has anything to do with the following, except for the tenuous link with the word "cover" -- in this case, when one singer covers another's song. Check out this lovely version of Adele's massive hit "Rolling In The Deep" by Little Big Town, who demonstrate what a talented bunch of harmonizers they are.

What has she been up to? 
— She's been rolling in the deep. 

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