Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Justin Moore Livestream

Sweet Honey

The Inky Jukebox can die happy (in another 50 years or so) having heard her name pass between Justin Moore’s lips in today’s livestream to promote / celebrate the release of Outlaws Like Me. The questions (and his answers, paraphrased) follow:

Q: Where do you get your shirts?

A: I have no idea. I wear whatever my stylist hands me. Or my wife.

Hang on a minute: a stylist? WTF? Other than the hat (same every time), jeans (wranglers), belt (same personalized one every time), boots (same), all this stylist does is pick out a shirt! Shall we go with a plaid one or the denim one? Well, he or she (or Kate) has a good eye for the sort of shirt that makes girls swoon. Hmmm. The Inky Jukebox wants this job. (Justin Moore, call me.)

Q: We think you should release a live acoustic album.

A: Honey, I’m not that good a guitar player, but thank you.

To be honest, The Inky Jukebox knows Justin Moore isn’t the world’s best geetar player, but the sound on the livestream with Roger playing along was really ace. Seriously, the acoustic versions highlighted your great voice and delivery. Think about it. Hang on — he called me “Honey!” (Pumps fists in victory salute.)

Q: What is the hardest part of recording in a studio?”

A: It’s not all that hard; in fact, it’s easy if you can sing.

This is exactly what The Inky Jukebox wanted to hear: because when Justin Moore sings, it sounds like he is giving it his all, as if in a recording studio. Awesome.

The Inky Jukebox would like to thank Justin Moore and his sidekick Roger for taking the time to interact live with fans (there were a LOT logged on), playing great, and picking The Inky Jukebox’s questions. And for calling me Honey :-) 

Watch live streaming video from justinmoore at livestream.com

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