Friday, June 10, 2011

Tour Bus Chew-Out

It's Where The Magic Happens, Y'all

In the lead-up to the release of Justin Moore's new album, Outlaws Like Me, The Valory Music Company are giving us an insight into what really goes down in one of those behemoth tour busses. In today's installment, we see the BossMan give his band a good talking-to about certain standards that have slipped of late....

To introduce folks to their new star-in-the-making when his first record came out, his label released a similar set of spoof videos that gave us a backwoods (a deep, deep backwoods) version of Cribs, in which Moore shows us around his new home (hunting shack).

You really need to watch all of these to fully appreciate the toilet and shower scenes.

The Inky Jukebox thinks Brad Paisley, Country's current comedy king, has a rival, don't you?

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