Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Four From Jonathan Singleton (Kinda)

Singer / Songwriter + Sexy = Success!

Jonathan Singleton is a clever fellow. Why? because he’s a great songwriter who allows other people to make hits out of them. Not just ANY other people, mind — just really handsome guys with hard muscles, two-day old beards and plenty of sex appeal. Let’s take a look at four of the lucky dudes whose careers have been kick-started with a roar by one of Singleton’s songs. All of these songs received heavy-rotation airplay, propelling them into the brains of anyone listening to country music radio or watching CMT / GAC (and into the nether regions of the ladies).

  • “Don’t” - Billy Currington

Who doesn’t want to be chased around town by super-hottie (he was a  Playgirl cover model!) Billy Currington in a 70’s era car? Check out his homage to the era’s action-figure TV stars (Starsky and Hutch meets the Dukes!) all because he wants to bring his sexy girl a coffee. He thinks she’s left him! Fool! (What could the leather upholstered vehicle be symbolic of, we wonder?)

  • “Red Light” - David Nail

David Nail takes to a classic convertible to sing about how his girl left him without warning, at a red light, and on a Sunday! Did she just get out of the car or what? There seems to have been nothing wrong with the relationship — maybe he was driving crazy? What is wrong with this woman? (What could the red light be symbolic of, we wonder?)

  • “Watching Airplanes” - Gary Allen

Moody tattooed cutie Gary Allen, on the other hand, is simply left to sit on the hood of his truck looking up at the sky imagining his lady flying off somewhere overhead without him. Ah, regret. It’s just one of those things Singleton makes songs out of. (What could the theme of flight be symbolic of, we wonder?)

  • “Why Don’t We Just Dance” - Josh Turner

Deep-voiced Josh Turner bemoans the ennui that sets in with domestic living so suggests that he and his wife turn the living room into a dance floor. Will that prevent her leaving him? (What could that whole “dancing” thing be symbolic of, we wonder?)

When The Inky Jukebox saw Jonathan Singleton and his band The Grove perform at The Country Throwdown last year, we were impressed by how many other bands gave him a nod as part of their stage banter: were they just being collegial, or were they also angling for a song (Tyler Reeve)?

Unless he joins UMG Nashville, it’s not likely: all of the above are from the MCA stable. That’s how it works, y’all. He looks the part, though, don't he?

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