Thursday, May 19, 2011

95 Million People Think This Is Country Music

American Idyll

The Inky Jukebox
wonders whether American Idol has morphed into Nashville Star with tonight's announcement of the two country contestants, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina making it to the finals? 

A staggering 95 million votes were cast — are that many people in the whole country? American Idol voting has its own biomagnification system whereby those who remain collect the votes of fans whose favorites go home. Either Haley's female fan base will collectively throw their weight behind Lauren, or Scotty's genuine appeal will steal them away (after all, if those voters were picking Haley, it means they were NOT voting for Lauren). 

The Inky Jukebox suspects that Scotty has been this season's vote leader all along, and we predict he will prevail next Wednesday. 

There are no losers at this stage. Still, it's a big win for country music whichever way you shake it. 

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