Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ain't He Cute?

Five Questions for Justin Moore

From this interview, you would never guess what Justin Moore is like on stage. Here, he comes across as an articulate, careful, soft-spoken gentle soul who'd go weak at having to address a crowd. This is not so. On sage, he is a ferocious, swaggering man-beast singing the bollocks out of songs to do with guns, girls and God.

Here are The Inky Jukebox's five questions for Justin Moore:

1) When did you first realize you could sing better than your peers, and where did you practice?

2) Which artists have had the most influence on your style?

3) What pre-show rituals do you have, and how do you combat nerves?

4) Who would like most like to do a duet with?

5) And finally, what makes you grin like that?

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