Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Justin Moore Plays Brown Chicken, Brown Cow

Shameless Beefcake 

In order to whip his fans into a pre-album-drop frenzy, Justin Moore’s peeps played a little show-and-tell on facebook. Here, let them explain it:

Though most of the required 288,800 fans approved of the ploy, some were a tad piqued about being made to feel like punters at a titty bar with wads of singles in their grubby hands. To these people The Inky Jukebox says: Purleese. If you want your music unsullied by visuals, stop reading facebook fan pages and bust out your radio. You know, it’s the thing with the dials gathering dust in your basement.

A mere 5 hours later, we were rewarded with this:

 Which was very popular indeed.

As we approach the June 21st release date, will Justin be unbuttoning his shirt for us? If we pre-order, can he please unbuckle his jeans?


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