Monday, May 2, 2011

Rascal Flatts joyrides a Red Camero!

Nothing Like That?
(Since When Have You Been Gone?)

There are a few occasions that bands (and the record companies to whom they belong) want to write the PERFECT hit record for because they get mucho airplay and generate a shitload of sales, One of these is the ideal wedding song – the one you know is going to be played for the first dance at every wedding for a few years. The Inky Jukebox can think of many of them without even trying.

The other occasion is summer. Any summer. A summer can become defined by a song. This year, The Inky Jukebox predicts big things for Rascal Flatts’ song “Red Camero” which hits everything on the Summer Hit Song Checklist.


  • Catchy Hook

For best results, steal something already buried deep in your audience’s psyche. Exhibit A: Rainbow’s “Since You’ve Been Gone.” This is one of the best riffs of all time, and Rascal Flatts just rips it. Give it a listen and see for yourself.

  • Danceable

A good summer song makes you want to pretend to be dancing on a truck bed holding a beer in one hand and a big spliff in the other. You should feel free to enact this whether you are in a tailgate or not. For those actually driving a vehicle, you can tap your car door to the beat by hanging your arm out of the open window.

  • Summery Lyrics

If your lyrics refer to summertime activities, so much the better. Rascal Flatts are already masters of this: See “Summer Nights” and “Bob That Head.” According to this song, “Summer’s just around the bend.”

For other practitioners of the ideal summer lyric, see Kenny Chesney, Uncle Kracker, Kid Rock, Brooks & Dunn, Sheryl Crow, Big & Rich.

  • Anthemic Chorus

Keep it simple, keep it short. Like this:

Turn up the music loud
Take the t-tops out
And let the chrome shine
Cruise along the riverside
Feel the wind blow
Through your hair, through your toes
Got your bare feet
Hanging out the window
Oh oh oh oh oh

  • Happy Sound

Some chords are happier than others. This song punches them like G-spots.

“Red Camero” is the seventh song on the album Nothing Like This, the first release from the band since they moved to Big Machine Records in 2010. Rascal Flatts put on an entertainment extravaganza when they tour; this is sure to be a giant crowd pleaser. While last year they opened with either of their two summer classics, “Bob That Head” or “Summer Nights,” The Inky Jukebox is going to strongly suggest this one. Turn up the music loud, fellas. Ta.

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